Love, sadness, pain, and hurt

why does love turn me into a monster?

Waiting for that right one,

but will it every come?

As all these men give me a rose,

I pull out the devil gun

and pull the trigger,

shot one by one all men down.

Like I said, my heart is always forbidden.




A beautiful woman looks into a mirror

of her reflection only to find out her inner

beauty was actually really ugly.

The low self-esteem she struggles with on a daily basis, but you

Never see it through her eyes of misery.

She walks along the beach side while the sun

Set to sleep she stay waiting puzzled in the dark

Empty air alone trying to maintain her self-esteem.

Because, of roses guys give her by day

She’s kept trapped lost into a daze of her reflection

Where the fear of people capture all scars hidden.

The imperfect body, scar face, and inner ugly beauty

She feels people would judge the real her instead

As she finally turned away from the appearing mirror.

The women went back to being stuck maintaining

The image everybody else wants to see

This person, she isn’t destiny to achieve.




Standing outside and looking above

Do you see the crescent moon?

With a little shine of light

You can see haft of a heart shape!

There you see my heart

Haft complete in the dark,

Where a thousands of star’s

Keeps it with some company.

Only once in a blue moon

Will my heart be complete,

As like the solar eclipes

That covers in dark again.

Standing inside and looking below

Do you see a heart inside of me?

With a lot of dark pain

You can see emptiness within me.

There you will see nothing

But dust and ashes collecting,

Where a thousands of rose’s

Die every passing heartbreak.

Only once in a blue moon

Will my heart be complete,

As like the new moon

That covers it bright again.  


        By: Kelsi Buzzanca


Waiting for the next rose

To come save the day,

As I come out the dark

To receive this eternal pain.

When will the time change

Will it stay the same,

As I come to the light

To deserve this final fate.

I am left standing alone

In the pouring down rain,

Where the sun never shines

Where the moon always lies.

There will you find me

Trapped lost into a daze,

Trying to hide all scars

People capture outside of me.

My beauty and graces

This bad past I faced,

I was mistaken and taken

For a girl not destined,

To live this life given.

Cold heart she has protected

Covering the real heart hidden,

From those she has forbidden

May feel seeking for love,

In her heart that’s forsaken.




The eyes of misery are my eyes

Emptiness and darkness but only show light

Inside i’m full of rage red pain but let you see brown bear brave.

These tears are so clear when they fall from my eyes

You can’t see them at all as if I have no emotion

To feel left inside my body image.

Outside my confidences blinds in with my beauty

And my personality changed my past mistakes

like it’s the total opposite of things.

My struggled past, hidden scars, baird secrets and faded love

Still stuck trapped with a white rose given to me

But the white peddle cold to the touch and thorns to protect it from love.

~Kelsi buzzanca

I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder?

           Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like?
                 If my life would ever get together?
         Would I ever see my hindsight or stay in dark side.
           Could their be a new me inside waiting to leave,
                 an set free otherwise cry with plead. 
                 How I wonder what tomorrow will bring!
        I have two conscience, one of a Angel the other a devil. 
                 I sit and I wait till the day, 
      I'd stop wondering and live my life as another mistake.
               Filled with hurt and lost in wonder,
      Will I might find my true purpose in this life, I wonder? 
~Kelsi Buzzanca

Day Dreaming!

Hiding in the dark but, you can still be seen
wondering who will save you, from this nightmare you dream!
How can they help and how can they see?
Whats hiding inside my inner most darkness dreams; I dream.
Where is the light and where is the might?
That I may once find the time
to sleep a better dream tonight!
~Kelsi Buzzanca

Missing Love inside Your Life?!

Pain and sorrow left standing in vain

who will be the next victom for it to take?

How can you stop it?  How can you hide it?

The only way out is to stop delevoping feelings,

for the lost and the wounder, looking for love.

Nothing can help you now, but your own heart being cut out.

Leaving you with a single soul alone inside your dark cold body.

                                                                         ~Kelsi Buzzanca

Love What is That?

Love what is that?
caring for somebody?
A game for something for people to play?
Heart I don't have because, it's been broken many times.
Keeping my head up and looking for that one,
but were to start I don't know. 
Beatings and kisses 
scar and flowers
pain and sin 
I'm done with all that Love. 
what is love? Where is love?
Cause this love I have isn't working.
~Kelsi Buzzanca