True Love

True love only comes once

but, our love only comes thrust.

The love in one another is our love

but, the true love comes within our cuts.

cuts they can’t believe, and

blood they can’t see.

Our hearts were torn by someone we love

but, the pain lives on in our soul that lost.

The past is behind us but, our fear still lives on,

the brave that we took on to stay strong.

We meet each other that is what kept us together,

because without you our lives would be nothing.

You stood by me when I was crying,

our future was a blur.

However, with our true love the trust was just enough.

We told ourself we were nothing, but look at us now, were something.

Were in this together, no matter the weather,

and we pulled our self through.

Meanwhile, we still have each other,

for the true love is what make us find one another.

Our love could never compare,

the love that we share.

Kisses on kisses, and hugs on hugs

put it together we’re making love.

Smile on smile, love on love

put it together were falling in love.

Our true hearts lies in the dark.

However, it turns into light like a flyer flight.

You’re my king i’m your queen,

nothing can break our true love but our thrust.


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