Nae Nae Unknow

theres two things that keep me going

my family and myself

usally I can rejoke in my weath

but where is it now ?

I have lost lost every part of me

I’m blind I can’t see

when I get enough strenght

it takes me no where no lenght

so I wait for my turn and I cut an burn now i look crazy.

My vision is so hazy acceptince I can’t let in

so instead I will sin stay with these men,

that want me for nothing but a toy.

Hit it and quite it isn’t that the way the get it?

Hurt and pain it’s all that I know, it makes my sane

as I pushed her away, now theres no where to stay.

I belong no where so I let them play in my hair

let them till me these lies while he looks me in the eye.

Sex, drugs and money isn’t that what life about, honey I was trippin.



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